~ Shirou Prince LJ ~

"Mou suki jyanai yo?"

Shirou Eiji
I'm Shirou Eiji, a.k.a. Tutti! ^__^ Nice to meet you!
I'm 16 o/
Let me see... I like animes, mangás, specially Yaoi very much. *__*~
My favorite animes are: Prince of Tennis, Full Metal Alchemist, Loveless, Sukisho and Haru wo Daiteita. ^__^
Mangás that I really like are: Haru wo Daiteita, Prince of Tennis, Gravitation, Capture the Prince and a lot of Yaois One Shot. o.o~
I have a site about Yaoi, where you find downloads and informations about it (only in portuguese ^^"): http://www.forever-yaoi.cjb.net
That's it! \o/
Anyone who wants can add me! ^__^